Browse through our selection of free patterns and tutorials for blankets and quilts below. If you have a pattern or tutorial you’d like to share online we’d love to hear from you.

We are very grateful for quilt and blanket donations of all shapes and sizes.

However there may be a specific demand for certain quilt and blanket sizes in your area, so please do contact your Area Co-ordinator who can let you know what is currently most requested for the children she supplies. Your Area Co-ordinator will also be able to tell you whether she accepts both quilts and blankets and if she accepts incubator covers and tiny quilts and blankets for premature babies.

Listed below are some suggested quilt and blanket sizes:

Baby Quilts: approx 24”-30” square or 24” x 30”
Children’s Quilts: approx 36” – 42” square or 36” x 42”
Teenagers Quilts: approx 42” square or 42” x 48”
Knitted Blankets: approx 24 inches square or larger for older children and teenagers

Please note that quilts should have no embellishments such as ribbons, buttons or beads because of possible choking, or little fingers being damaged.

Quilt patterns

Knitted blanket patterns