Wavy ripples

Wavy ripples blanket

Approx 150/200 gm of DK yarn

With 7mm (UK size 2) needles cast on 120 stitches and knit 7 rows
Change to 3mm (UK size 11) needles and knit 7 rows.

Alternate the needles every 7 rows until work measures approx 26” ending with the 7mm (UK size 2) size.
Cast off.

If you do not have 7mm needles, this pattern is still quite effective using 5mm (UK size 6) and 3mm (UK size 11) needles but the edge will not be quite as wavy.

Triangles blanket

Triangles blanket

Approx 150/200 gm of DK yarn. With 4mm (UK size 8) needles, cast on 102 stitches. Knit 18 rows.

Knit the first and last 9 sts of each row to create a garter stitch border, while working the following pattern on the centre 84 sts:

Row 1 Knit 11, Purl 1
Row 2 Knit 2 Purl 10
Row 3 Knit 9 Purl 3
Row 4 Knit 4 Purl 8
Row 5 Knit 7 Purl 5
Row 6 Knit 6 Purl 6
Row 7 Knit 5 Purl 7
Row 8 Knit 8 Purl 4
Row 9 Knit 3 Purl 9
Row 10 Knit 10 Purl 2
Row 11 Knit 1 Purl 11
Row 12 Purl 11 Knit 1

Repeat pattern and garter stitch borders until work measures approx 24”. Knit 18 rows. Cast off.



Pair of No. 4mm (UK size 8) needles
1 x 100g ball of acrylic double knitting wool – colour A
1 x 100g ball of acrylic double knitting wool – colour B


Cast on 20 stitches in colour A.
Rows 1 – 4 Knit.
Row 5 – 6. Knit 2, Purl 2. Continue this to the last 2 stitches. Knit 2.
Row 7 – 8. Knit 2.Then Knit 2 Purl 2 to last 2 stitches. Knit 2.
Repeat rows 5 – 8 another 4 times.
There will now be 10 blocks of double moss stitch.
Knit 4 rows.

Change to colour B. Repeat the 28 rows as for Colour A. Continue alternating colours until you have completed 7 ‘blocks’ finishing with Colour A. Cast Off.

Make a further 3 strips starting and finishing with colour A. Make 3 strips starting and finishing with Colour B. The size of this blanket can be altered by adding to the length of each row and by adding more rows.

Sew strips together, alternately, the outside strips will begin and end with Colour A. Alternately – make up your own design using a variety of different colours.

Basket weave

Basket weave

Approx 150/200 gm of DK yarn

With 4mm needles (UK size 8) cast on 140 stitches.

Rows 1 – 10 Knit
Rows 11 – 20 Knit 10, * Knit 10, Purl 10* repeat * to * until last 10 sts, Knit 10
Rows 21 – 30 Knit 10, *Purl 10, Knit 10* repeat * to * until last 10 sts, Knit 10

Continue with this pattern until blanket measures approx 24 inches.

Knit final 10 rows. Cast off.

Log cabin (blanket without sewing)

Log cabin knitted blanketsKathleen Gibson kindly provided this copyright pattern for Project Linus UK.

Materials: Approximately 135g Double Knitting yarn. 4mm (UK size 8) needles
Finished size: approx 20 inches square.

Worked in garter stitch, slipping first stitch of each row.

Cast on 20 stitches. Knit 38 rows to make the central square. Cast off leaving last stitch on right hand needle. Pick up 19sts evenly along the left side of the square – 20 sts. When picking up, put pick up needle through the ‘bumps’ instead of the ‘loops’ as this will give a tighter seam.

Knit 19 rows. This creates the first ‘log’ of the log cabin. (At the end of the first row there may be a ‘loop’. If so, knit in with the last stitch.)

Cast off as before, leaving last stitch on right hand needle. Pick up down the left side – 10 sts from the side of the last knitted block and 20 sts from the cast on edge of the original square. 30 sts.

Continue in this manner. The next 2 ‘logs’ will have 40 stitches, following 2 logs 60 sts etc. When 4 logs are completed on each side of the central square (100 sts) cast off. Carefully sew in any ends – or weave them in as you go.

NB. Always cast off with the same side facing up and pick up down the left side of the work.


  • Enlarge it – always working the same number of logs on each side of the central square
  • Use a variety of colours and try using more than one colour in each ‘log’
  • Change the central square to a rectangle
  • Change the width of the logs